Why Isnt There a Family Membership to Planet Fitness?

Similarly, Can multiple people be on a Planet Fitness membership?

Hello, Carrie A member who has a PF Black Card membership gets limitless guest privileges, which entitles them to one complimentary visitor each day at any location.

Also, it is asked, Can you add someone to Planet Fitness account?

Invite a guest Simply invite your buddy using the PF App, and they may log in online.

Secondly, Can my son come with me to Planet Fitness?

We do not provide childcare services in order to easily keep the cost of our membership low. We further urge that minors under the age of 13 refrain from entering the facilities for their own safety. To suit everyone’s schedules, we do our best to keep our clubs open as long as feasible.

Also, How many people can a Planet Fitness member bring?

Benefits of PF Black Card® Membership The membership that gives you so many wonderful perks is the PF Black Card®. You may utilize our massage chairs, hydromassage, tanning, travel privileges, and more**, and you get access to any of our 2000+ locations across the globe.

People also ask, How many guests can a Black Card member bring?

As a holder of a Black Card, you are permitted to bring one visitor every visit as long as they remain by your side at all times. Visitors are only permitted to utilize the exercise equipment; they are not permitted to use the hydromassage chairs, tanning beds, or any other Planet Fitness services, such as haircuts.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Planet Fitness take a picture of you?

Our staff members will take your photo for your member profile if they haven’t already. At the front desk, register for one of the complimentary fitness training classes.

Can I transfer my Planet Fitness membership to my wife?

Before you transfer, you should be informed of the following: You must have a monthly (not yearly) membership, have been a member at one location for at least ninety days, and have no unpaid dues or fees at your present club.

Is the PF Black Card worth it?

Because you receive access to the sauna/spa facilities and $1 water bottles (which add up over time), I believe the black card is worthwhile. Just that makes it worthwhile. The majority of them offer luxurious massage chairs, which are excellent for soothing tired muscles and backs after exercise.

Can Black Card guests use massage chairs?

Unfortunately, visitors are not permitted to utilize the tanning beds or HydroMassage chairs. Talk to a staff member at your local club about our fantastic sign-up offers, and bring a friend to learn more about what’s trending at PF! Numerous benefits and the #JudgementFreeZone are waiting. Thank you for contacting me.

Can I wear just a sports bra at Planet Fitness?

The manager of the gym informed her that although not all sports bras were prohibited, they did need to cover the most of your stomach. The new regulation, he said, was instituted because “plenty of new members who sometimes bring their kids or friends and (they) simply want it to be a more nice atmosphere.”

Can a Planet Fitness guest go without the member?

Except for PF Black Card® visitors, non-members of all ages are not permitted to wait for members within the club. A non-member/guest without a PF Black Card® must pay the day price in order to utilize the gym for a single day.

Can a 14 year old go to the gym alone?

When may children go to the gym by themselves? For solo usage of the gym, a child must be 16 years old or older. Those between the ages of 14 and 15 may use the gym as long as their parent or legal guardian is a member, they have a 14- to 15-year membership, and they have successfully completed a fitness orientation.

What is black card at Planet Fitness?

Access to all 700 Planet Fitness clubs, usage of massage chairs*, hydro-massage beds*, and whole body enhancement beds*, tanning*, 50% off all cooler drinks, plus the freedom to bring a guest every day are all included in the $19.99/month PF Black Card® membership.

Is the Planet Fitness crowd meter accurate?

The Crowd Meter just displays capacity; it does not reflect if a specific area of the gym (such as the treadmills) is busier. Reviews on Reddit claim that there have also been differences in how accurate the feature has been. Some allege the software portrays the gym as crowded even when it is not in order to deter people from going there.

Can you go to Planet Fitness twice in one day?

Absolutely! We welcome visits from our PF members as often as they’d like during the day.

How do I add a guest to black card?

Here’s how it works. Create a Black Card Guest account. To sign your waiver for a free visit, enter your email address and adhere to the instructions. Install the App. Visit your PF Black Card® Member to check in.

Can I jump rope at Planet Fitness?

We prohibit the use of jump ropes within our facilities because they pose a risk to our members’ safety in small spaces like PF Clubs. Contact the staff at your local club at (562) 653-1100 or visit planetfitness.com/gyms/hawaiian-gardens-ca if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Can you watch TV at Planet Fitness?

You can work out while watching television! You don’t have to decide between working out and watching the big game, which is great news!

How hard is it to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

However, if you must, the procedure is simple. At your home club’s front desk, you may fill out a cancellation form, or you can write your club and request cancellation in a letter (ideally via certified mail). Unfortunately, memberships cannot be terminated over the phone or by email.

How can I get my Planet Fitness cancellation fee waived?

Create a one-page letter requesting the cancellation of your membership. Ensure that it follows the requirements of the contract. If you’re qualified, mention in your letter that you’d want your cancellation charge reduced and explain why. Also specify the supporting materials you are sending with the letter.

Does Planet Fitness have showers?

Yes, there are showers at Planet Fitness. Every Planet Fitness does really provide many clean showers with privacy curtains that you may use after working out, despite not being very opulent. However, they don’t have shower towels, and the little towels they provide you to wipe your face and the machines down won’t cut it either.

Why did Planet Fitness charge me $40?

Your yearly cost of $40, which you pay halfway through your membership, goes toward new equipment and maintenance!

How many times can you go to another Planet Fitness?

The reciprocal usage of other clubs is included with PF Black Card membership up to ten times per month. A franchise fee will be charged after your tenth visit to a location other than your home club in a calendar month. For further information, feel free to contact your local club!

Is Planet Fitness good for weight loss?

Is it feasible to lose weight at Planet Fitness? No doubt. But it can be far more difficult than you anticipate. Exercise by itself, according to research, is ineffective for achieving healthy weight reduction over the long or short term.

What does unlimited guest privileges mean?

In contrast to the other membership, which only permits guest entry on the weekends, “Unlimited Visitor Privileges” means you are permitted to bring a guest with you on any day of the week. Twitter Web Client at 6:14 PM.

Does Planet Fitness have yoga classes?

We provide a wide variety of sessions in the dance, step, aqua, bike, box, HIIT, strength, conditioning, yoga, pilates, and core disciplines, all of which are tailored to help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness and health objectives.

Are tank tops allowed in school?

12. Students are not permitted to show their midriffs, halter tops, tube tops, or tank tops. Students are not permitted to wear see-through shirts without appropriate undergarments. No shirts with low front, back, or side cuts are permitted.


Planet Fitness doesn’t offer a family membership. This may be due to the fact that it is not necessary for them to offer one, or that they don’t want families to join their gym.

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