When Is It a Good Month to Cancel Membership at Planet Fitness?

Keep an eye on the billing cycle. You must terminate a yearly contract before the 25th of the month before you are invoiced. To put it another way, if you normally pay your yearly fee in March, you must cancel by February 25. Consider a fitness contract to be similar to a lease agreement.

Similarly, What happens if you cancel your Planet Fitness membership?

If you cancel outside of the 14-day grace period, you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee, and you will be responsible for the yearly membership price if it is not paid in full at the time of cancellation. Is it possible to cancel Planet Fitness for a month?

Also, it is asked, How hard is it to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

You may either write a letter to your home club seeking cancellation or go to your local club and cancel in person. Please contact our Member Services department if you have any more inquiries.

Secondly, Why does Planet Fitness make it so hard to cancel?

“Gym memberships are notoriously difficult to cancel since most gym clubs do not want people to terminate their contracts once they understand the hard effort and dedication required to be in shape,” explains attorney David Reischer, Esq.

Also, Can I cancel my Planet Fitness membership at any time?

Planet Fitness has the least restrictive cancellation policy for no-commitment memberships, such as the “PF Black Card” or “No-Commitment Membership.” No-commitment memberships allow you to quit at any point after the start of your term, even if you have only signed up for a month.

People also ask, Can you quit Planet Fitness Online?

A Planet Fitness subscription cannot be canceled online. To terminate your membership, go to a Planet Fitness Club and fill out a membership cancellation form in person. You may also use certified mail to submit a cancellation letter. Contact Planet Fitness customer support for additional details.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I avoid Planet Fitness annual fee?

To avoid paying the yearly fee, you must terminate your membership at least one week before the due date. By phone or email, you cannot cancel your subscription.

Can I cancel my Planet Fitness membership and get a refund?

Customer Service should be contacted. Call Planet Fitness’ customer care department to request a refund for an unauthorized payment. The phone line is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. GetHuman can help you find the Planet Fitness customer service phone number.

How do I cancel my gym membership without paying?

It’s still possible to cancel without paying. Most gyms include a provision in their contracts that permits you to cancel if they cease providing all of the services stated.

Can you freeze your Planet Fitness membership?

Yes, you may put your Planet Fitness subscription on hold. To do so, contact customer care and request that your account be frozen. You may keep it frozen for a minimum of one month and up to six months.

How do I cancel my Planet Fitness App?

How to cancel your Planet Fitness membership in 3 simple steps Fill out a cancellation form at your local Planet Fitness. Request cancellation in writing from the club. The following information must be provided: Notice of cancellation of membership. Name. Address. Phone. Email. Date of birth Membership number.

Why is Planet Fitness charging me $39?

According to Planet Fitness’ FAQ page on its website, there is a $39 yearly fee to use the gym facilities, which “goes toward club maintenance and upkeep.” This money is only due once a year, and for many individuals, that time of year has already passed J.

How do I cancel my Fitness Connection membership?

While we regret having to see you finish your fitness adventure with us, you have the option to cancel in one of the following ways: Call 800-922-7898 to reach our member services department. Visit your local Fitness Connection. Please contact your nearest Fitness Connection store.

Why did Planet Fitness charge me $41?

Your yearly cost of $40, which you pay halfway through your membership, goes toward new equipment and maintenance!

Will Planet Fitness refund me if I never went?

Unless your deal is significantly different from any I’ve seen, whether you go to the gym or not, you pay the same amount. So, unfortunately, you won’t be getting a refund.

Does Planet Fitness affect credit?

In a nutshell, sure. Your gym can send your account to collections if you don’t pay your membership fees, which is a major negative mark on your credit report. A gym subscription is similar to any other monthly fee.

How can I get out of my 12 month gym contract?

If you have a fixed-term membership, such as a 12-month term, and your circumstances change unexpectedly – such as a long-term sickness, losing your work, or needing to relocate – you may be eligible for prompt cancellation.

Can I cancel my gym membership over the phone?

Instead, we created new means to cancel your subscription as well as extended freeze alternatives. Members may cancel or freeze their membership by phoning the customer care line (800-922-7898), visiting their local club, or simply dialing the club phone number.

What is a 30 day cancellation policy?

30-Day Notification When one or more parties in a contract want to make modifications to the agreement or cancel it entirely, a 30 day notice contract is employed.

What do I write in my Planet Fitness cancellation letter?

By mail, you may cancel Planet Fitness: Write a letter canceling your gym membership. Your whole name. Date and place of birth Email address is required. Address. Telephone number Your credit card number’s last four digits ID number for Planet Fitness members.

How do I downgrade my Planet Fitness membership?

What is the procedure for downgrading my membership? If you visit your club, the staff may help you decrease your membership. If you’re still under contract, no worries; you may pay $99 to get out of your existing deal.

Can you bring a guest to Planet Fitness with the $10 membership?

The memberships for $10 and $15 are quite basic. You receive free fitness instruction as well as access to your home club. For one thing, you may use your membership at any Planet Fitness facility and bring a friend for free.

Why does Planet Fitness ask for bank account?

For your convenience, we demand an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your bank account: If your credit cards are lost/stolen, invalid, or expired, this enables us to continue your subscription without interruption or the trouble of replacing your payment information.

What are the hidden fees at Planet Fitness?

According to Planet Fitness’ FAQ page on its website, there is a $39 yearly fee to use the gym facilities, which « goes toward club maintenance and upkeep. » This money is only due once a year, and for many individuals, that time of year has already passed J.

What are prorated dues Planet Fitness?

When you join up, you’ll also have to pay prorated monthly payments, which are a portion of the current month’s amount (unless you sign up on the day cards are charged, the 17th of each month). This enables you to start using the gym right away without having to pay the complete prior month’s price.

Can I go to Planet Fitness If I owe money?

No, members who owe money to Planet Fitness cannot terminate their subscription. If you owe money to Planet Fitness, you will not be able to cancel your membership.

What happens if I cancel my gym direct debit?

They won’t be able to collect any money from you if you’ve cancelled your direct debit. It’s absolutely a good idea to let them know, or otherwise they’ll send you emails wondering why it’s stopped, or they’ll assume you did it on purpose.

Is PF Black Card worth it?

The black card is worth it in my opinion since you receive $1 bottles of water (which adds up over time) and access to the sauna and spa facilities. It’s worth it just for that. The majority of them offer beautiful massage chairs that are great for working out tired muscles and backs after a workout.

Is Planet Fitness good for weight loss?

Is it feasible to lose weight at Planet Fitness? Obviously. However, it may be much more difficult than you anticipate. Exercise alone is not useful for healthy weight reduction in the short or long term, according to research.

Is there a cooling off period for gym membership?

Understand your cancellation options. If you change your mind within 14 days of signing up, some gyms may provide a “cooling off” period. If you wish to quit before the minimum term is up and the membership doesn’t work for you or doesn’t provide what you want, many may charge you an exit fee.

How do I cancel my gym membership at the gym?

You may contact [email protected] or use the cancellation form at https://www.thegymgroup.com/legal/membership-agreement/ (using the email address you used during the online joining procedure and the unique personal identification number (PIN) that was issued to you).


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