How to Delete Fitness Activity on Apple Watch?

App for health: Workouts > Show All Health Data Display All Data Locate the workout you want to remove: Swipe right to left on workout > Delete > Workout & Data or Workout Only.

Similarly, Can you remove activity from Apple Watch?

To remove your exercise, tap any option. Choose Delete Exercise & Data to delete the workout as well as any associated data. Choose the Delete Exercise Only option instead if you want to eliminate the workout but maintain the related health data, which helps with activity ring progress and other things.

Also, it is asked, How do you delete an activity on fitness?

Open the Activities app and go to the “Workouts” page—you can’t erase an exercise from the History tab, even if you can see a list of them there. To erase an exercise, swipe left on it and hit “Delete.”

Secondly, How do I clear my Apple fitness data?

Frequently Asked Questions Scroll down to the Health app and touch it. Under the Data category, tap Data Access & Devices. Scroll down to the devices section and choose a device from the list. Scroll all the way down under that data source and select Erase All Data from (device name) to confirm you want to delete that data.

Also, Can you delete a workout from Apple fitness?

To remove an exercise from your iPhone’s Health app, go to the Browse tab and type Workouts in the Search field. Then, at the bottom of the Workouts tab, choose Show All Data. The exercise in question may then be deleted by swiping left. Cheers!


The “how to delete activity rings on apple watch” is a question that has been asked before. The answer is that you can do this by deleting the activity or by deleting your workout history.

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The “how to delete a workout on apple watch 3” is a question that has been asked many times. To delete a workout on your Apple Watch, you must go into the Workout app and select “Delete Activity.”

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