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Thursday August 31st 2006, 3:00 am
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An Effective protection requires the knowledge of some techniques and practical issues, the aim of that knowledge would be to put an effective protection.

Let’s us remember that the goal of the bodyguard is to deal with difficulties and protect his client.

There is 98 % of chance that everything will go well, but the real professional concentrate on the 2 %, this is according to Murphy rules.

The dream of a bodyguard is to put his client in a castle where no one can access and where no danger could occur … But this is only a dream.

The VIP need to go to different places , he is in constant moving , This is why the bodyguard is always analyzing what’s happening and how to protect the VIP if a danger occur .

To let you know some of the difficulties that a bodyguard could have, those are some scenarios that occurred:

In The Algerian war member of the OSA (Organization of the Secret Army) wanted to use a poisoned and the attacked would hand shake the target which was (Gal de Gaulle).

The Same organization (OSA - Organization of the Secret army) wanted to place 2 dogs which had Bombs on them, and the bomb would explode when they dogs are with there master.

Also another attempt was when an organization wanted to kill the Prime Minister Zhou Enlai when they used dogs to recognize him by his smell, he had his life safe just because he canceled his trip to Paris.

Those entire examples show us clearly that a bodyguard should always follow the evolution of technology, and know that those technologies could deviate and give birth to a new criminal act.

Cinema, literature, news could help the bodyguard having a better insights on how dangers could occur.

To be able to design a security concept to each case a bodyguard should be a specialist in bodyguardism, big mental mobility and a lot of ingenuity.

To accomplish his job as a Bodyguard he must be intelligent in much way:

1- Technical : he must have a lot of required knowledge .
2- Psychological : he must have resources to deal with what happening now and what will happen in the future .
3- Physical : he must have a good health and a good way of life .
4- Tactical : from his knowledge he should elaborate rules when designing a strategy .
5- Conceptual : he should have a global knowledge of the situation , because a change in a parameter could change another parameter .

In a clear term a bodyguard has to be independent when dealing with security, he should master each element of the bodyguard aspect and culture which someone could be far from each other.

Quality of a Bodyguard

Monday August 28th 2006, 10:41 am
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The physical characteristics of a bodyguards are important. If Madonna wants her Bodyguard to go with her on a 2 hour jog everyday , the Bodyguard should be ready for this daily mission .

A Bodyguard should support the Boring hours of discussion going between businessmen. He should be able to stand up for hours near the door of the VIP waiting for him to get ready .

A bodyguard must have an initiative way of thinking , he should be able to make good decisions quickly, even in a dangerous situation .

Self Confidence is not something that someone gets when he is born , its something that a person acquires during his life and experience , the confidence of a bodyguard will be established with his colleagues , and with the material he is using .

A Bodyguard also has to know how to speak to others without offending them. So a bodyguard has to be friendly , his smile will be his best defense in his daily life . This will help and prevent a lot of situations to the Bodyguard .

Authority is an essential quality for the bodyguard who will be in contact with the public. It’s not something easy to apply have an authoritative quality without showing superiority, but The Bodyguard should be able to give directives and rules without arrogance.

Self-Control is also a very important quality. To avoid a simple case exploding and becoming a dangerous case, he should have good attitude and not forget that his first aim is to protect the VIP .

The Bodyguard should be : sportive , instructive , cultivate , rational , in good health , diplomatic , authoritarian , sociable , discrete , phlegmatic , pragmatic , active , punctual , worthy of confidence, hard worker , imaginative , observant , intelligent , confidant , helpful , have a sense of initiative , and disposable .

Of Course we don’t have all of those qualities, but a bodyguard must put a lot of effort to be as close as possible to those qualities .

There is no place for : Dreamers , distracted , subjected , timorous , passives , fragile ….

Reality of Bodyguards

Friday August 25th 2006, 10:57 am
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Medias show the Bodyguards as a funny person searching for sensation , The reality is not even close to what medias say’s .

A big part of the Profession of bodyguard reside near the big people of this world and there secretes , But we should be aware that most of Bodyguards if not all never received an education in there childhood to prepare them to this kind of life .

A lot of bodyguards are not comfortable and do not act in the proper way due to this fact .

The Story of love between The Princess of Monaco and her Bodyguard (Daniel Ducruet) was more than mentioned in the press , Even in Hollywood movies (The Bodyguard) When Kevin Costner is the Bodyguard of Whitney Houston protection that was more than close …

Sometime the money is the Motivation to enter the Bodyguard World , but when a VIP pay you a lot of money … there is a lot of reasons :

- The Bodyguard is not a job without a risk and the bodyguard have to give his body in protection for the VIP .

- To This day even if a lot of Bodyguards died in there beds , a lot also died in there jobs , Bombs Don’t make difference between a VIP And his Bodyguard .

- A Bodyguard with low money risk to be bought by aggressors this already happened in the political fields also in the sports fields …

It’s very important for a bodyguard to know how to choose the VIP and to know how to give good impression to the VIP . (confidence)

An Example : The Baron of The Colombian Mafia Drugs (Pablo Escobar) when he knew that someone is after him killed 20 of his bodyguard because he didn’t trust them .

Lesson : Know your VIP And what he do before giving him your services and don’t be The Bodyguard of Criminals .


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