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Friday August 25th 2006, 10:57 am
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Medias show the Bodyguards as a funny person searching for sensation , The reality is not even close to what medias say’s .

A big part of the Profession of bodyguard reside near the big people of this world and there secretes , But we should be aware that most of Bodyguards if not all never received an education in there childhood to prepare them to this kind of life .

A lot of bodyguards are not comfortable and do not act in the proper way due to this fact .

The Story of love between The Princess of Monaco and her Bodyguard (Daniel Ducruet) was more than mentioned in the press , Even in Hollywood movies (The Bodyguard) When Kevin Costner is the Bodyguard of Whitney Houston protection that was more than close …

Sometime the money is the Motivation to enter the Bodyguard World , but when a VIP pay you a lot of money … there is a lot of reasons :

- The Bodyguard is not a job without a risk and the bodyguard have to give his body in protection for the VIP .

- To This day even if a lot of Bodyguards died in there beds , a lot also died in there jobs , Bombs Don’t make difference between a VIP And his Bodyguard .

- A Bodyguard with low money risk to be bought by aggressors this already happened in the political fields also in the sports fields …

It’s very important for a bodyguard to know how to choose the VIP and to know how to give good impression to the VIP . (confidence)

An Example : The Baron of The Colombian Mafia Drugs (Pablo Escobar) when he knew that someone is after him killed 20 of his bodyguard because he didn’t trust them .

Lesson : Know your VIP And what he do before giving him your services and don’t be The Bodyguard of Criminals .

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