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Monday August 28th 2006, 10:41 am
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The physical characteristics of a bodyguards are important. If Madonna wants her Bodyguard to go with her on a 2 hour jog everyday , the Bodyguard should be ready for this daily mission .

A Bodyguard should support the Boring hours of discussion going between businessmen. He should be able to stand up for hours near the door of the VIP waiting for him to get ready .

A bodyguard must have an initiative way of thinking , he should be able to make good decisions quickly, even in a dangerous situation .

Self Confidence is not something that someone gets when he is born , its something that a person acquires during his life and experience , the confidence of a bodyguard will be established with his colleagues , and with the material he is using .

A Bodyguard also has to know how to speak to others without offending them. So a bodyguard has to be friendly , his smile will be his best defense in his daily life . This will help and prevent a lot of situations to the Bodyguard .

Authority is an essential quality for the bodyguard who will be in contact with the public. It’s not something easy to apply have an authoritative quality without showing superiority, but The Bodyguard should be able to give directives and rules without arrogance.

Self-Control is also a very important quality. To avoid a simple case exploding and becoming a dangerous case, he should have good attitude and not forget that his first aim is to protect the VIP .

The Bodyguard should be : sportive , instructive , cultivate , rational , in good health , diplomatic , authoritarian , sociable , discrete , phlegmatic , pragmatic , active , punctual , worthy of confidence, hard worker , imaginative , observant , intelligent , confidant , helpful , have a sense of initiative , and disposable .

Of Course we don’t have all of those qualities, but a bodyguard must put a lot of effort to be as close as possible to those qualities .

There is no place for : Dreamers , distracted , subjected , timorous , passives , fragile ….

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