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Special Products For The Bodyguard

Friday December 28th 2007, 5:29 am
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Special Products For The Bodyguard

A bodyguard needs to have certain tools and products in his toolbox. Today’s world revolves around technology and with advancing technology there are more advanced tools available. We will examine some of the more important ones in detail.

Body Armor

The importance of a Kevlar vest cannot be overlooked. This single piece of equipment can save your life. Technology has transformed this once heavy, bulky piece of equipment into a lightweight easy to hide vest. These vests can be worn with any regular sized shirts and suits. All situations will not require the vent, but it is still a good idea to have one at your disposal.


Mace is still a great tool for a bodyguard. A bodyguard had a duty to protect his client, but only to the extent excessive force is warranted. If a threatening situation can be diffused without to much violence the bodyguard must show restraint. The best way for a bodyguard to protect his client as well as himself is to have a can of mace at his side. One spray can stun the intruder enough for the bodyguard to subdue him. Every bodyguard should have a can of mace on his body in all situations.

Stun Gun

This is a great tool. A bodyguard can easily carry a stun gun strapped to his waist. The stun gun acts as a determent just by being present. If a situation arises where an intruder needs to be apprehended, the stun gun is quick and powerful enough to get the job done. This is once of new technologies best inventions


Not a flashy tool, it is still very important to have a good flashlight. Technology has brought us small light LED flashlights that have great quality light. These LED lights really give the bodyguard an advantage in a dark situation,

These tools can greatly enhance the ability of the bodyguard to do his job. Make an investment into your future and your safety.

Loyalty of a Bodyguard

Friday December 28th 2007, 4:59 am
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Loyalty of a Bodyguard

Being a bodyguard is an exciting career field. A lot of us as young boys dream of the danger and excitement involved in protecting people, but there are real dangers in being a bodyguard.

Bodyguards protect their clients knowing that there is a strong possibility of losing their life. In order for a bodyguard to be effective is to come to terms with this thought.

Not a lot of us go to work with the thought of taking a bullet for the boss. Yet this is what bodyguards do everyday. If you are considering becoming a bodyguard then please read the following list of bodyguards who were the best at what they did, so good in fact that they gave their lives for the client.

Bodyguard of Liberia’s Director of Special Security Service

An armed gunman accompanied by a group of bodyguard’s approached the gate of the director demanding entrance. The bodyguards of the director refused to open the gate and formed a barrier between the home and the intruders. One of the intruders fired a shot Lovegra, killing one of the director’s bodyguards.

Tank Johnson’s Bodyguard Killed at a local nightclub

The bodyguard of Tank Johnson was killed at the Ice Bar on Dec. 16th. A fight reportedly broke out inside the club and his bodyguard was shot. He later died at a local hospital.

Busta Ryhmes Bodyguard Shot Outside Video Shoot.

As happens with so many rappers, another rapper bodyguard has been killed. P. Diddy’s former bodyguard was killed this same year. Regardless of who you protect you run the risk of taking a bullet for your client.

Bodyguard of Mexican Naval Commander Killed

Gunmen opened fire on the naval commander of Mexico. His bodyguard was killed in the attack.

One thing all these bodyguards have in common…I didn’t mention their names. Why? The only name that is important is the name of the client they were protecting. Being a bodyguard is a selfless and sometimes thankless job. Danger lurks around every corner. Thank God for bodyguards like this.

Bodyguard Jobs

Friday December 28th 2007, 4:14 am
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What Does a Bodyguard Really Do?

If you ask most people on the street about bodyguards they will respond with the typical answers. “Bodyguards knock people around.” Bodyguards carry guns and other weapons to fend off attacks.” “Bodyguards are big mean people.”

These statements couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, a lot of body guarding is the exact opposite of what the general public thinks. Ehy do we have these perceptions if they are untrue?

Television and rappers are responsible for a lot of what people think of the bodyguards. TV often shows bodyguards as huge, crass men ready to body slam everyone in their paths. The bodyguards are shown pushing and shoving people away from their client for no reason.

Rappers and their bodyguards have a special relationship. The bodyguard is often the loyal fall guy for a rapper guilty of a crime. Have you noticed, the bodyguard always did it? Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. But it is important to get these images out of your head as they are not good representations of true bodyguards.

A lot of body guarding takes place behind the scenes by average size people, male and female, with genius minds. Planning the guard for the client is the most crucial thing a bodyguard does. He has to know where the client will be, what he will be doing, who the audience will be, as well as run through scenarios of possible threats. It takes a lot of work and concentration to be able to plan a day of body guarding.

Most bodyguards are not 300 pound men with gold chains. Who played the bodyguard in the classic Whitney Houston Movie “The Bodyguard”? It was Kevin Costner. He was hardly the stereotypical bodyguard. He was however the average real life bodyguard.

Bodyguards are not rude. It is important to note that bodyguards are highly loyal to their clients and will protect them at all costs. This does not mean they run around throwing people to the side as a rule. Bodyguards are public officials for their clients. Their behaviors reflect on their clients. Therefore, a bodyguard will have a short career if he is rude.

As you can see, bodyguards are quite different than common perception dictates. Do not be negative to them, don’t be scared of them. They are simply businessmen…with the ability to kill you with two fingers.


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